Wild Bijagua: Authenticity and Biodiversity Guarded by Volcanoes and a Rio Celeste.

In Bijagua, Costa Rica, embark on an adventure amid volcanoes and rainforests. Explore Tenorio Volcano National Park’s wonders like Rio Celeste, encounter diverse wildlife, indulge in local culture, and choose from thrilling activities like horseback riding and rafting. Discover Bijagua’s warmth, hidden gems, and proximity to major destinations. Experience rural charm, protected by nature’s beauty, on your Costa Rican journey.

Bijagua and Rio Celeste: Exploring Vibrant Biodiversity Amidst Volcanic Majesty.

Discover Bijagua, a hidden gem nestled between the majestic volcanoes of Miravalles and Tenorio. Picture this – the Pacific side of Costa Rica unfolds before you, revealing the entrance to this lesser-known town framed by towering volcanic peaks. A quick pause offers insight into Costa Rica’s microclimates, and as you venture deeper, the landscape transforms dramatically.

Feel the change in temperature, humidity, and vegetation, signaling your arrival in a lush and biodiverse rainforest. Bijagua will be your base for exploration, serving as the gateway to the extraordinary Tenorio Volcano National Park, home to Rio Celeste’s natural pools and waterfalls. Dive into the vibrant tapestry of nature reserves surrounding Bijagua, where life flourishes, and encounters with species from both the Pacific and Caribbean sides of Costa Rica are commonplace.

From the cute two and three-toed sloths to the curious Central American tapir (Tapirus bairdii), Bijagua reveals its rich wildlife canvas. Rare avian wonders like the Yellow-eared Toucanet (Selenidera spectabilis), Black-crested Coquette hummingbird (Lophornis helenae), and Snowcap hummingbird (Microchera albocoronata) grace the skies. Spot amphibians like the recently discovered Celeste Glassfrog (Tlalocohyla celeste) and unique plant species such as the endangered Jicaro Danto Tree (Parmentiera valerii).

But the allure extends beyond nature – savor delicious locally cooked dishes, engage in traditional fishing, or explore on horseback. For active souls, running hills, thrilling mountain biking routes, and river rafting adventures await.

Bijagua’s true magic lies in its warm-hearted locals, tasty traditional cuisine, lush rainforests, and hidden gems. Proximity to Guanacaste, Monteverde, and La Fortuna adds an extra layer of allure. This introduction is just the tip of the iceberg – join us to unravel the wonders that await in rural Bijagua. Your journey begins here.

Handpicked Tours For Bijagua

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Why you’ll love Bijagua and Rio Celeste area!



Bijagua’s rainforest boasts an incredible richness of flora and fauna, heightening your chances of encountering unique creatures amidst the vibrant biodiversity.

canyon map


Experience the warmth of the local people, rooted in a humble past of dairy farming and agriculture that still defines their genuine and friendly nature.

aranjuez river


Indulge in the delightful flavors of Bijagua. With agriculture at its core, savor farm-to-table traditional dishes, ensuring a culinary journey that satisfies your taste buds.

challenging route


Marvel at the majestic landscapes adorned by the towering Tenorio and Miravalles volcanoes. Witness fascinating volcanic activity, prominently displayed in the renowned Rio Celeste N.P.

traditional food


This peaceful haven is perfect for relaxation. Whether you’re unwinding with a soothing massage or sipping coffee amidst hummingbirds and friends, tranquility.

Experience type:Jungle
Travel Style:Nature-focused
Duration:Full-day Experience
Physical rating:Active
Service level:Guided Activity
Surroundings:Land-based Activity & Signature Service
Requirements:3 years and older


  • 🏞️ Explore the stunning Rio Celeste and its majestic waterfall.
  • 🦥 Spot rare wildlife, including the elusive tapir and adorable sloths.
  • 🐦 Great for birdwatching enthusiasts.
  • 🌿 Discover beautiful trails and traverse hanging bridges in the lush rainforest.
  • 🍽️ Indulge in tasty and authentic typical dishes.

Activity Details

  • Duration: Bijagua is best explored in two or three full days.
  • Physical Rating: Active. If your visit is short (like a day tour) you will find yourself actively exploring and walking.
  • Age Requirement: Most activities are suitable for ages 7 and up, making this excursion ideal for families and individuals of all ages.
  • Included Services:  The guided experiences include a bilingual tour guide, entrance tickets to various attractions, and, depending on the length of the excursion, meals such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as accommodations, may be included. Please confirm these details with us prior to your Bijagua Expedition.
  • Optional Services: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, ground transportation and accommodations can be arranged.
  • Meeting Point: We can arrange to pick you up at our hotel in Costa Rica, typically in Monteverde, La Fortuna, or any of the beaches on the Pacific Coast. If you are driving please let us know to decide the best meeting location for you.
  • Language: The majority of tour guides are bilingual, proficiently delivering explanations in both English and Spanish.
  • Safety Precautions: Wear light, closed-toed shoes for safety and avoid touching unfamiliar vegetation. Always follow your tour guide instructions.
  • Group Size: Private. This experience is suitable for groups of any size.
  • Food and Drinks: Please avoid single-use plastics. Bring eco-friendly or reusable containers for snacks and ensure you have enough water. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be arranged. Please let us know.
  • Lodging options: Mostly lodges, small B&B’s and boutique hotels. Booking ahead of time is best to get more options and book the best accommodation according to your preferences and budget. We can assist you with your hotel booking.

Is this experience right for you?

If you are seeking lesser-known destinations, aiming to avoid crowds, and yearning for tranquility surrounded by nature’s beauty, Bijagua is the perfect choice. However, set your expectations accordingly. You won’t find resorts, full comfort, or all-inclusive services here. Huge supermarkets, restaurants, and stores are not part of Bijagua’s landscape. Instead, prepare to explore the wilderness and embrace all it has to offer—from adorable sloths and tiny frogs to towering mountains and moody weather (either very sunny or very rainy). Like anywhere else in Costa Rica, be ready for encounters with insects.

Bijagua remains rural, with its economy primarily reliant on agriculture and cattle farming. The town’s charm lies in its green pastures, impressive volcanoes, waterfalls, charismatic locals, and diverse biodiversity. If your top priority is comfort, we can still arrange boutique accommodations and premium transportation, ensuring you experience the beauty of Bijagua and its renowned Rio Celeste National Park in style.

Activities Overview

In this section, we present a curated selection of recommended activities for exploring the Bijagua area. At Link Expeditions, we prioritize personalization, allowing you to adjust the order and options to suit your preferences seamlessly. Consider these suggestions as inspiration for your Bijagua expedition, knowing that we can tailor experiences to match your group’s interests and preferences.

Although still a small rural town, Bijagua has many corners for you to explore. Depending on how much time you are allocating to this destination, you can easily explore for 2 or 3 days without getting enough of it. Most people are attracted to the area in order to Visit Rio Celeste within the Tenorio Volcano National Park.

Described below, you will be able to learn about the following recommended activities for the Bijagua area:

- Hike to Rio Celeste in Tenorio Volcano National Park
- On the Trail of the Tapir: Night Tour
- Bird watching Experiences.
- Guided Rainforest Walk With Sloths & Wildlife
- Relaxing Natural Hot Springs near Bijagua
- Rio Celeste Rapids Tubing Expedition

Beyond this list, we can arrange for your group a wide range of experiences. Whether you enjoy Farm tours or Medicinal Plants walks, Tilapia Fishing, or visits to Butterfly Gardens and Botanical Gardens, there’s something for every nature enthusiast. Immerse yourself in the rainforest with Horseback Riding excursions or feel the adrenaline rush with Ziplining and Tarzan Swings. Find tranquility through Yoga and Meditation Practices and don’t forget to join Night Tours, Rafting on the Tenorio River, or explore Suspension Bridges. You can also enjoy Kayak or Boat Safaris, River Paddle Boarding, Chocolate and Coffee Tours, Cooking Classes, and more.

Located in the northern part of Costa Rica, the Tenorio Volcano National Park, with an extension of 12,871.53 hectares, is one of the youngest parks in the country. The park was created on June 8, 1995, to protect the still-active Tenorio Volcano. The park encompasses four different life zones, as well as the beautiful Celeste River with its shades of aquamarine. In this article, we will be mentioning several activities for you to get inspired and choose from, including Rio Celeste. The length of your visit will depend on how many of the activities and places you really want to explore.

For personalized recommendations tailored to your group’s interests and preferences, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s create unforgettable memories together in the vibrant landscapes of Bijagua.

Hike to Rio Celeste in Tenorio Volcano National Park

One of the most sought-after attractions near Bijagua is the Tenorio Volcano National Park, renowned for its captivating blue river, Rio Celeste, named for its intense azure hue. This striking coloration arises from a natural phenomenon known as Mie scattering. When sunlight penetrates the water, it selectively scatters blue light wavelengths more than others, owing to the presence of minute suspended particles.

To witness the breathtaking beauty of the blue river, visitors embark on a trek along a well-maintained trail, navigating various inclines and declines. Unlike other areas of Bijagua, the national park can feel rather bustling, as it comprises a single linear trail, drawing all visitors along the same path. Rio Celeste enjoys immense popularity among both locals and tourists.

The trail spans a total of 6 kilometers, approximately 3.7 miles, and offers captivating attractions along its route. These include a magnificent waterfall, a scenic lookout point, a serene blue lagoon, the mesmerizing “borbollones”(bubbling thermal springs) – where volcanic gases create a bubbling effect on the water’s surface – and the enchanting “teñideros” (coloring point).

The journey to the waterfall, the initial highlight of the trail, is relatively straightforward. However, the descent via 250 steps (and subsequent ascent upon return) can prove strenuous (It is 150 meters or 490 feet down to the waterfall). Visitors are encouraged to proceed at a leisurely pace and take breaks as needed. It is important to note that if one is not in optimal physical condition for forest trekking, or if knee or ankle issues preclude walking on uneven terrain or stairs, it may be advisable to forgo exploring the additional features along the trail.

On the Trail of the Tapir: Night Tour

Step into the captivating nocturnal world of Bijagua, Costa Rica, where the elusive Baird’s tapir awaits discovery. Encountering a Baird’s tapir is not just a rare occurrence; it’s an unforgettable experience that offers insight into the delicate balance of the rainforest ecosystem. As one of the largest land mammals in Central America, the tapir holds a crucial role as a keystone species, aiding in seed dispersal and contributing to the overall health and biodiversity of the forest. With its distinctive trunk-like snout and sturdy build, the tapir embodies a sense of exotic creature and timeless resilience. Interestingly, tapirs are not just land-dwelling creatures; they are also excellent swimmers, using their elongated noses as snorkels to navigate through rivers and streams with ease.

Nestled in the lush landscapes near Tenorio Volcano National Park, Bijagua provides an ideal habitat for Baird’s tapir. The region’s dense forests and pristine waterways create optimal conditions for tapirs to thrive, resulting in a high likelihood of encountering these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Visitors to Bijagua have a unique opportunity to observe tapirs in the wild, making it an ideal destination for tapir enthusiasts.

Explore enchanting locales like Tapir Valley and others, where tapirs are known to roam freely under the cover of darkness. These serene settings offer glimpses into the secret lives of tapirs, providing intimate encounters with these gentle giants amidst the tranquil beauty of the rainforest. During your exploration of these areas, keep your senses sharp as you venture into the nocturnal realm. Alongside the Baird’s tapir search, marvel at the diverse array of creatures that emerge after sunset, from vibrant insects and melodious birds to iconic amphibians like the red-eyed frogs and glass frogs. Bijagua teems with life after dark, offering a truly immersive experience in the magical ambiance of the jungle at night.

At Link Expeditions, we specialize in curated experiences that celebrate the wonders of nature while promoting sustainable tourism. Our night tour and tapir search offer a unique opportunity to connect with the natural world in a respectful and meaningful way. Join us as we journey into Bijagua’s abundant wildlife, where every encounter leaves a lasting impression on both the traveler and the environment.

Bird watching Experiences.

In Bijagua, Costa Rica, you have the opportunity to spot rare and beautiful bird species that will leave any birdwatcher in awe. Among these avian treasures are the Long-wattled Umbrellabird (Cephalopterus penduliger), Ornate Hawk-Eagle (Leucopternis ornatus), Yellow-eared Toucanet (Selenidera spectabilis), White-crowned Manakin (Microchera albocoronata), and Black-crested Coquette (Lophornis helenae). Each of these species showcases the rich biodiversity of the region, offering both amateur and seasoned birdwatchers a chance to witness nature’s splendor up close.

The lush rainforests of Bijagua provide a perfect habitat for these magnificent birds. The region’s abundant vegetation and diverse ecosystems attract a wide variety of avian species, making it a hotspot for birdwatching in Costa Rica. Additionally, the area’s remote location and protected national parks ensure that birdwatchers can immerse themselves in nature without the distractions of urban life.

The weather in Bijagua is characterized by a tropical climate, with warm temperatures and high humidity year-round. This favorable climate creates an ideal environment for birds to thrive, contributing to the area’s reputation as a bird watching paradise. Moreover, the presence of national parks such as Tenorio Volcano National Park and Miravalles Volcano National Park further enhances Bijagua’s appeal to birdwatchers, providing protected habitats for countless bird species to flourish.

The conservation efforts in Bijagua also play a significant role in attracting birds to the area. Conservation initiatives aimed at preserving the region’s natural habitats and wildlife have helped maintain healthy bird populations and ensure the continued survival of rare and endangered species. By visiting Bijagua for birdwatching, you not only have the chance to observe spectacular birds in their natural habitat but also support ongoing conservation efforts in Costa Rica’s biodiverse ecosystems.

Birdwatching experiences in Bijagua are not only accessible but also convenient for you, the avid bird watching enthusiast, seeking a memorable encounter with the region’s avian wonders. Guided tours, led by knowledgeable local experts, can be booked through Link Expeditions, ensuring that you can explore the diverse birdlife of Bijagua with ease and expertise. These guided tours not only enhance your bird watching experience but also provide valuable insights into the behavior and habitat of the area’s feathered inhabitants.

Moreover, birdwatching activities in Bijagua are inherently eco-friendly and sustainable, aligning perfectly with your values as a responsible traveler. By immersing yourself in nature and observing birds in their natural habitat, you contribute to the conservation efforts of the region, fostering the preservation of biodiversity for future generations to enjoy.

For added convenience, you have the option to arrange with Link Expeditions lodging and transportation options in Bijagua, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free bird watching experience. Convenient accommodations and reliable transportation services allow you to focus on the joys of birdwatching without worrying about logistics, making it easy to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Bijagua’s natural landscapes.

Overall, birdwatching in Bijagua offers you a perfect blend of accessibility, sustainability, and convenience. It’s an ideal destination for you to appreciate the wonders of nature and the importance of responsible tourism. Contact us for more information about bird watching experiences near Bijagua.

Guided Rainforest Walk With Sloths & Wildlife

In Bijagua de Upala, nestled amid the verdant landscapes of Costa Rica, lies a remarkable ecosystem teeming with life. Here, the convergence of factors such as tall volcanoes, relatively long mountain ranges, and the influence of the Caribbean weather creates the ideal conditions for a thriving rainforest. Among the towering trees and dense vegetation, a diverse array of flora and fauna flourishes, including the iconic two and three-toed sloths (Choloepus hoffmanni and Bradypus variegatus, respectively), vibrant dart frogs like the Strawberry Poison Dart Frog (Ameerega pumilio), majestic birds such as the Great Curassow (Crax rubra rubra), and unique plant species like the Jicaro Danto Tree (Parmentiera valerii).

Spotting sloths in Bijagua is often a delight, thanks to the abundance of their favorite plants, including the Cecropia trees (Cecropia peltata and Cecropia schreberiana), which provide both sustenance and shelter. Additionally, other plant species like the Wild Plantain (Heliconia caribaea) and the Rubber Tree (Castilla elastica) contribute to the rich biodiversity of the rainforest, making it an ideal habitat for a variety of wildlife.

The delicate balance of the rainforest ecosystem underscores the importance of understanding and protecting this invaluable resource. At Link Expeditions, we offer a “Guided Rainforest Walk” experience designed to immerse you in the wonders of the rainforest while highlighting the significance of conservation efforts. Led by expert bilingual guides equipped with telescopes, binoculars, and wildlife guidebooks, our guided tours provide a comprehensive exploration of the rainforest’s flora and fauna. With their keen eyes and extensive knowledge of the area, our guides ensure that you don’t miss out on any hidden treasures or elusive species that may elude the untrained eye.

Our rainforest hikes typically last between 40 minutes to 1.5 hours, offering ample time to absorb the sights and sounds of this vibrant ecosystem. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply curious about the wonders of the rainforest, our guided walks provide the perfect opportunity to ask questions, learn, and connect with the natural world around you.

Don’t miss out on the chance to embark on a Guided Rainforest Walk With Sloths & Wildlife. Book your experience with Link Expeditions today and secure the best guides and most convenient schedules for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Bijagua’s rainforest.

Relaxing Natural Hot Springs near Bijagua

Nestled in the scenic countryside near Bijagua, Costa Rica, lies a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Just an hour drive away, approximately 32 kilometers (19 miles) from downtown Bijagua, you’ll find yourself immersed in the soothing embrace of natural hot springs, surrounded by the majestic beauty of the region’s volcanic landscapes.

Nearby, the towering peaks of Miravalles and Tenorio Volcanoes stand sentinel, their presence a reminder of the volcanic activity that shapes this remarkable region. Here, amid the lush greenery and tranquil atmosphere, you’ll find the perfect sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

At this secluded oasis, you’ll discover a series of different thermal pools, each offering its own unique blend of warmth and comfort. Whether you prefer a soothing soak in a hot pool or a refreshing dip in a cooler one, there’s something here to suit every preference. And with stunning views of the impressive Miravalles Volcano as your backdrop, the experience is truly one-of-a-kind.

But the relaxation doesn’t stop there. For those seeking a natural spa treatment, indulge in the therapeutic benefits of a mud bath. Slather on the mineral-rich mud, sourced from the depths of the earth, and feel its soothing properties work wonders on your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

As you unwind in this idyllic setting, take advantage of the available ranchos for picnics, where you can enjoy a delicious meal with your fellow travelers amidst the serene surroundings. And for the little ones, there are slides and play areas to keep them entertained, making it a perfect destination for the whole family.

After a day of hiking and exploring the nearby rainforest, there’s no better way to unwind than with a visit to these natural hot springs. Soaking in the warm waters, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature, is a truly unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling renewed and invigorated.

Join us for a relaxing escape into nature’s embrace, where the stresses of everyday life melt away in the warm embrace of the natural hot springs. Book your experience today and discover the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation near Bijagua, Costa Rica.

Rio Celeste Rapids Tubing Expedition

Immerse yourself in the thrill of our Rio Celeste Rapids Tubing Expedition, a captivating adventure tailored for those craving excitement after exploring Tenorio Volcano National Park.

Upon enrollment, you will receive directions to our welcome area, equipped with bathrooms, showers, and private parking. Alternatively, our knowledgeable tour guide can meet you at the exit of Miravalles Volcano National Park and lead you to the expedition’s starting point. Rio Celeste is renowned for its class I and II rapids, offering a unique vantage point to observe the rich flora and fauna along the riverbanks. As you navigate the 5-kilometer route (3.1 miles), you’ll encounter deep, pristine natural pools perfect for swimming and immersing yourself in the crystal-clear blue waters.

Enhance your tubing adventure with optional thrilling experiences like the Jungle Tarzan Swing and a revitalizing Arcilla Volcanica skin treatment, all set against the backdrop of the lush rainforest.

Safety and enjoyment are paramount, with each participant provided essential gear including helmets and life vests. Accompanied by experienced guides, you’ll feel confident exploring the river’s rapids and tranquil pools. Please note that participants must be at least 7 years old to join this expedition. Additionally, individuals with back problems, injuries, or severe mobility issues are advised not to attempt this experience for their safety.

This exclusive expedition caters to groups of two or more adventure enthusiasts, providing transportation, private parking, and convenient restroom facilities.

Rest assured, all necessary permits for this tubing expedition are government-approved, ensuring a regulated and environmentally responsible outing. At the conclusion of your journey, transportation back to the parking area is provided for your convenience.

Conclude your experience with a refreshing selection of tropical seasonal fruits and water, offering the perfect opportunity to reminisce about the day’s highlights. Whether you prefer to drive yourself or utilize our transfer service, transportation to and from the starting point can be arranged.

Join us for an unforgettable Rio Celeste Rapids Tubing Expedition and discover the exhilaration of tubing through Costa Rica’s stunning rainforest landscapes.

What’s Included & Not Included

  • 🗣️ Expert Bilingual Tour Guide: Gain insights into Costa Rica’s natural wonders from knowledgeable guides fluent in both English and Spanish.
  • 🎫 Entrance Tickets: Access both iconic locations and hidden gems without the hassle of purchasing tickets separately.
Explore All

Additional Information:

  • Daypack: Carry personal items, cash, snacks, and water.
  • Proper Footwear: Hiking shoes/boots with good grip for uneven terrains.
  • Hat, Sunscreen & Sunglasses: Shield yourself from Costa Rica’s intense sun.
  • Energy Drinks & Bars: Keep your energy levels up during the hike.
  • Water: Ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Binoculars: Spot birds and distant views.
  • Camera: Document the beauty of the landscapes and your experiences.
  • Insect Repellent: Keep pesky insects at bay.
  • Change of Clothes: or Bathing Suit for water activities.
  • Personal Insurance: Essential for all outdoor adventures.
  • Basic First Aid Supplies: Address minor injuries.
  • Prescribed Medications: Carry any essential medications.
  • Stay on the Trail: Stick to designated paths for your safety and to minimize impact on the environment.
  • Listen to Your Tour Guide instructions: Heed their advice as they know the trail best.
  • Preserve Natural Beauty: Admire but do not disturb the environment.
  • Carry Out Trash: Pack out all waste, including biodegradables.
  • Stick to Designated Paths: Minimize environmental impact by staying on trails.
  • Respect Wildlife: Observe from a distance and do not feed or disturb them.
  • Considerate Behavior: Keep noise levels down and be courteous to fellow hikers.
  • Leave Only Footprints: Ensure the area remains pristine for future generations.
  • Light Snacks: Nuts, fruits, or sandwiches for energy.
  • Walking or Trekking Poles: Provide stability on challenging trail sections.
  • Small Towel or Wipes: Clean up or refresh after the hike.
  • Waterproof Bag/Case: Protect valuables, especially if swimming or for any water activities or rainy weather conditions.

Remember, preparation is key to a more enjoyable expedition. Ensure you have all you need for a safe and memorable adventure in the Bijagua area of Costa Rica.

Making a Positive Impact:

Nestled amidst lush rainforests and overlooked by majestic volcanoes, Bijagua’s pristine wilderness embodies the spirit of sustainable tourism and environmental stewardship.

At the heart of Bijagua’s conservation efforts lies a vibrant community dedicated to protecting its natural heritage. Local environmental organizations, such as the Rio Celeste Tourism Chamber, Vida entre Volcanes, and Nai Conservation, play a pivotal role in safeguarding the region’s biodiversity and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Travelers can actively participate in citizen science projects organized by these organizations, focusing on monitoring and conserving Bijagua’s diverse flora and fauna. By collecting valuable data on species populations and habitat health, volunteers contribute to ongoing research efforts and help inform conservation strategies for the region.

Reforestation initiatives, such as Rescate del Jícaro Danto and similar programs, offer another opportunity for travelers to make a positive impact on Bijagua’s environment. By joining tree planting efforts led by organizations like the Costa Rica Wildlife Foundation and Reforestamos Costa Rica, visitors can contribute to the restoration of native forests and combat deforestation, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

Environmental conservation extends beyond the terrestrial realm to Bijagua’s waterways. Travelers can take part in clean-up efforts along local rivers, removing plastic and other pollutants to protect aquatic ecosystems and wildlife habitats.

For those seeking hands-on involvement, volunteer opportunities with local organizations provide a meaningful way to engage with Bijagua’s conservation initiatives. Examples include assisting with habitat restoration projects with the Bijagua Conservation Association or participating in wildlife monitoring activities with the Rio Celeste Conservation Foundation.

Choosing the Wild Bijagua experience is not just a journey into the heart of Costa Rica’s wilderness; it’s a commitment to environmental responsibility and community engagement. By supporting local conservation efforts and embracing sustainable travel practices, travelers can help preserve Bijagua’s authenticity and biodiversity for future generations.

Reach out to us in advance if you want to learn more about how to make a positive impact while you travel.

Exploring all that Bijagua has to offer, including the renowned Tenorio National Park and its stunning Rio Celeste, is just the beginning of your Costa Rican adventure. From exhilarating activities like tubing and horseback riding to specialized nature experiences such as birdwatching and night tours, there’s something for every nature enthusiast.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant biodiversity of the rainforest, surrounded by the majestic beauty of volcanic landscapes. Whether you’re seeking thrills or relaxation, Bijagua promises an unforgettable experience.

Let Bijagua be your gateway to the wonders of Costa Rica’s natural world. Contact Link Expeditions today for more information and to start planning your journey.

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