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Nature-Focused Activities

Immerse yourself in Costa Rica’s natural wonders with our hand-picked activities. Catered for the responsible traveler and nature lover, we partner with sustainable operators offering experiences such as jungle night walks, snorkeling, wilderness camping, eco-lodge stays, and hikes to waterfalls and volcanoes, among many other activities. Engage in authentic ecotourism and forge a lasting bond with Costa Rica’s abundant nature and its warm-hearted people.

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Community-Based Experiences

Discover the authentic charm of local communities through our community-based experiences. From interactive cooking classes and scenic hikes to exploring sugar cane plantations and delving into coffee production, our activities not only showcase the local culture but also uplift it. By choosing these experiences, you embrace responsible travel and actively contribute to both nature and the community.

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Naturalist Expeditions

For avid nature enthusiasts eager for a deeper understanding of the natural world, our Naturalist Expeditions are precisely tailored for you. Embark on multi-day expeditions, ranging from 3 to 7 days or even longer, venturing into Costa Rica’s remote and pristine locations. Dive into immersive hikes, research outings, and educational activities, all led by knowledgeable guides, biologists, and other specialists. These expeditions provide a unique chance to observe diverse flora and fauna, glean fascinating insights, and immerse in untouched natural environments. However, it’s essential to note that while Naturalist Expeditions have the potential to be the highlight of your travels, they may not be for everyone. They require participants to forgo certain comforts and wholeheartedly embrace the raw essence of the wilderness.

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Airport Shuttle, Transfers, and Rental Cars

Arrive and depart hassle-free with our comprehensive transportation services. Whether you’re flying into SJO in San José or LIR in Liberia, our private airport shuttle ensures prompt transfers to and from stunning natural destinations. Already in Costa Rica? Simplify your travel with our convenient door-to-door transfer service. Prefer exploring on your own? Discover our trusted Rental Car options here!

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Here at Link Expeditions, we’re passionate about crafting experiences that resonate. Our curated services aim to connect you with the authentic beauty of Costa Rica, from its natural wonders to its vibrant communities. All this, while keeping our footprint green and genuine.

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Your Expedition’s Worth: Every Adventure Priced Clearly and Fairly

At Link Expeditions, we pride ourselves on clear and transparent pricing. When you choose to explore the beauty of Costa Rica with us, you’re charged the standard “rack rate” – the very same price you’d pay if you booked directly with our partners. Our earnings come from a commission, generously provided by our trusted tour operators and service providers for connecting them with incredible travelers like you.

Why is this important for you to know? Because we want to reassure you of our commitment. Our recommendations aren’t influenced by commission rates (they’re quite consistent across providers). Instead, we’re driven by a single purpose: to design the most authentic, nature-rich experiences tailored to your desires.

Booking with us is a true win-win. You’ll gain tailored travel insights and enjoy a hassle-free adventure, all while supporting local businesses at no extra cost.

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