Traveler’s Common Questions

A: At Link Expeditions, you’ll experience a unique blend of deep nature immersion and genuine community interaction, all underpinned by our extensive expertise and strong commitment to sustainable tourism. Whether you’re intrigued by the tranquility of off-the-beaten-path locales or the allure of Costa Rica’s renowned destinations, you can trust that our recommendations are meticulously tailored to resonate with your interests and desired experiences.

A: We emphasize community-based ecotourism, ensuring the activities you engage in predominantly benefit local economies and environments. You’ll find yourself connecting with trusted local entrepreneurs in rural communities like Arancibia, San GerΓ³nimo, and Bijagua, ensuring your journey has a positive and genuine impact.

A: Absolutely! We pride ourselves on attentively listening to your preferences and tailoring our plans around them. Whether you’re traveling solo, with a partner, family, friends, or colleagues, we provide options that align perfectly with your requirements and preferences, aiming to meet and hopefully exceed your trip expectations.

A: While we offer a plethora of individual experiences such as hikes, hanging bridges, coffee tours, and more, when you reach out to us, our focus shifts to understanding your interests and preferred locations. From there, we craft a completely tailored itinerary from scratch, ensuring every plan aligns with your unique desires.

A: Absolutely! While we’re passionate about unveiling Costa Rica’s hidden treasures to travelers, we also ensure iconic sights like La Fortuna, Monteverde and Manuel Antonio are seamlessly integrated into your journey, giving you a holistic experience that harmoniously blends both popular attractions with our nature-centric and responsible travel approach.

A: Your safety and comfort are paramount to us. We align ourselves only with reliable transportation options, highly-rated accommodations, and vetted tours while maintaining open lines of communication throughout your journey. Each transportation company and tour operator we endorse undergoes rigorous evaluation (permits, infrastructure, experience, etc), ensuring they meet our standards and, importantly, ensuring your safety and comfort.

A: We share and value your concerns. Our focus on eco-responsible travel and community-based ecotourism ensures our journeys tread lightly on the environment. A significant part of your investment directly supports natural resource conservation and benefits local families who view ecotourism as a sustainable path for both nature preservation and community development. Examples of these are all National Parks and rural communities you can visit.

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