Hike, Swim, and Explore La Leona Waterfall by Rincón de La Vieja Volcano

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Discover the thrill of La Leona Waterfall with a challenging hike through lush jungle and pristine surroundings near Rincón de la Vieja Volcano. This adventure includes swimming across natural pools, climbing over rocks and roots, and witnessing the stunning La Leona Waterfall inside a natural rock chamber. Perfect for groups of friends and families, this guided experience offers private transportation, a dedicated bilingual guide, and a traditional lunch. Embrace Costa Rica’s wild beauty and create unforgettable memories on this exhilarating nature adventure.

La Leona Waterfall: An Inspiring and Challenging Hike Amidst Lush Jungle, Refreshing Pools, and Scenic Views

Immerse yourself in the adventure of a lifetime with our La Leona Waterfall excursion, set at the foothills of Rincón de la Vieja Volcano. This thrilling journey takes you through an evergreen riparian forest, where you’ll hike, swim, and navigate through narrow canyons. Swim across refreshing natural pools, conquer the final swim using a rope, and marvel at the roaring beauty of La Leona Waterfall within its natural rock chamber. Perfect for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers, this guided tour includes private transportation, expert guidance, and a traditional Costa Rican lunch. Experience the untouched beauty and exhilarating challenges of Costa Rica’s natural wonders.


  • 🕒 Pick Up Time: 7:30 AM
  • 📍 Meeting Point: Your hotel or vacation rental (includes any location between Four Seasons and JW Marriott in Guanacaste)
  • ⏳ Duration: 3 hours
  • 🚙 Driving Time: 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on your location
  • 🙋‍♂️ Minimum Amount of People: 2 people
  • 💲 Price Includes: Private transportation, dedicated bilingual tour guide, traditional lunch, all entrance fees
  • 💡 Price Note: The listed price is for groups of 3 or more. For groups of 2 travelers, the price is $149 per person
  • 🛑 Not included in the price: Mandatory IVA tax (13%)

What’s Included & Not Included

  • 💼 Round Trip Transportation
  • 👨‍💼 Bilingual Tour Guide
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Why You Should Consider This Activity:

✔️ Explore Blanco River and Scenic Surroundings

✔️ Swim, Jump, and Slide in Refreshing Waters

✔️ Challenge Yourself Hiking Through Steps, Roots, and Rocks

✔️ Swim at the Base of La Leona Waterfall

✔️ Experience a Perfect Costa Rica Nature Adventure

✔️ Ideal for Groups of Friends and Families

✔️ Enjoy Remote, Natural, and Pristine Environments

✔️ Learn About Local Flora and Fauna.

What To Expect:

Arrival & Welcome

Upon arrival, we will park the vehicle and allow you time to get ready. If you need to change clothes, apply sunscreen, or mosquito repellent, this is the moment to do so. A pickup truck will then take us to the starting point for the hike. During this time, your tour guide will welcome you and provide a detailed briefing about the day’s adventure. You’ll learn about safety measures, the hiking route, and what to expect during the excursion. If you need a life vest, please ask for one at the parking lot.

The Trail

Begin your journey through an evergreen riparian forest along the pristine Blanco River (Río Blanco). As you progress, the canyon becomes narrower and more beautiful, with steps, rocks, and roots to navigate. To assist you in your hike, there will be ropes and steps, and your knowledgeable tour guide will be there to help you every step of the way. The pace of the hike is up to your group, typically averaging 40 minutes each way, but it may take longer for children and the elderly.

Swimming Across Natural Pools

At the parking lot, life vests will be available as you will be swimming across refreshing natural pools surrounded by boulders and rocks. These pools offer a unique opportunity to experience the pristine environment up close.

Reaching La Leona Waterfall

The final “obstacle” before reaching La Leona is a natural pool where you can swim and use a rope to drag yourself up the stream. The beautiful La Leona Waterfall roars inside a natural rock chamber, offering a breathtaking sight and refreshing mist.

Enjoying the Waterfall

Once at the waterfall, you can explore the chamber, take pictures, and swim in the natural pool. When you are ready to return, inform your tour guide.

Return Hike

Retrace your steps along the same trail back to the starting point. Your tour guide will ensure that everyone enjoys a safe and memorable experience. 

Bonus Spots (Weather and Fitness Permitting)

If fitness levels and weather permit, your tour guide will show you a few bonus spots, including the bat cave, a natural waterslide, cliff jumping spots, and the hidden climb.

What to Bring:

Essentials you should bring for a smooth experience:

  • Daypack: For personal items, snacks, and water (this will stay in the vehicle while you hike)
  • Proper Footwear: Sneakers or water shoes with good grip for uneven terrains
  • Comfortable Bathing Suit or Clothes: Suitable for both hiking and swimming

Recommended for enhanced experience:

  • Sunscreen: Shield yourself from Costa Rica’s intense sun
  • Insect Repellent: Keep pesky insects at bay
  • Towel: For drying off after swimming
  • Change of Clothes: Enjoy the drive back being dry
  • Waterproof Phone Pouches or Dry Bag: To carry items you do not want to leave in the vehicle
  • Cash: Additional cash you may want to use

Additional Info:

  • Age Requirement: All ages accepted. Kids and teenagers must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Elderly participants should be accustomed to walking and flexible enough for this challenge, which requires swimming and climbing ladders.
  • Accessibility: Not accessible for people with disabilities or mobility issues.
  • Languages: English and Spanish are readily available.
  • Physical Rating: Challenging
  • Group Size: Any size groups. For larger groups, additional tour guides will be provided.
  • Surroundings: Land and Freshwater Adventures

Essential Considerations

Enjoy a scenic tubing experience down both the rapids and serene sections of the Colorado River for an additional fee.

  • Personal Insurance: Essential for all outdoor adventures.
  • Basic First Aid Supplies: Address minor injuries.
  • Prescribed Medications: Carry any essential medications.
  • Stay on the Trail: To minimize impact on the environment and for your safety, always stick to designated paths.
  • Listen to Your Guide: Your guide knows the trail best; heed their advice.
  • Carry Out Trash: Even biodegradables should be packed out.
  • Respect Wildlife: Observe from a distance; don’t feed or disturb them.
  • Considerate Behavior: Keep noise levels down and be courteous to fellow hikers.
  • Leave Only Footprints: Ensure the area remains pristine for others and future generations.

At the Foothills of Rincón de la Vieja Volcano

La Leona is a lifetime experience to brag about. Don’t miss out!

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