Partnered with Alamo and Adobe Rental Car Agencies

We’ve partnered with Alamo & Adobe rental car agencies to offer reliable vehicles and service when exploring Costa Rica. Choosing a larger company like these two comes with its advantages, including multiple locations across Costa Rica and enhanced support services. Additionally, they offer newer cars in better condition than smaller car rentals. Adobe Rent-a-Car is also including additional driver, baby seat and booter seat for free if need it. However, if you prefer to work with another rental car company, please let us know. We are here to provide customized support.


Prices: Prices for rental cars vary greatly depending on the time of year, type of car, the rental company, and supply and demand. Generally, prices are higher during peak travel months when inventories are lower (December to April, and July). It’s advisable to rent several months in advance during the busiest times, such as Christmas, New Years, and Easter Week, as cars tend to sell out. Conversely, prices in the low season, especially in September or October, can be very appealing when tourism is at its slowest.

The initial prices displayed on rental car agency websites typically cover fees and taxes but not insurance, waivers, or extras. Therefore, please ensure to include at least the two mandatory insurances during your booking process. You can learn more about the mandatory insurance required to rent a car in Costa Rica by continuing to read.

Important Details About Rental Car Agencies:

Alamo: Booking & Details

Alamo Rent a Car began operations in Costa Rica on January 1, 1999, and has since been known for its customer service focus, offering an unparalleled travel experience whether for vacation or business. With a modern fleet of over three thousand vehicles divided into fourteen categories and more than thirty offices throughout the country, Alamo ensures comfort and accessibility for its clients.

Additionally, Alamo is committed to environmental sustainability, maintaining an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System certified under ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. They offset the CO2 emissions from their fleet through the Environmental Services Payment program of FONAFIFO, protecting and reforesting hectares in the Nicoya and Osa peninsulas. Alamo also holds the Tourism Sustainability Certification (CST) with three levels, awarded by the ICT.

Insurance Requirements

In Costa Rica, Third-Party Liability (TPL) insurance is mandatory. Please ensure to add TPL to your reservation; otherwise, you will have to pay for it at the counter during the check-in process.

The Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection (CDW-TP) is also necessary unless you have valid coverage for Costa Rica through your credit card. If you decline CDW-TP insurance, your decision will be respected. However, any incident will be charged to your credit card.

If you choose the Alamo Protection Package (APP), it includes both TPL and CDW-TP, providing full coverage.

Notice: Alamo no longer requires a letter from your credit card company to decline CDW-TP insurance for better service. However, you must be aware that if your credit card insurance doesn’t cover damages, any incident will be charged to your card.

Age Requirements

  • The minimum age to rent a car is 21 years.
  • For drivers aged 21 to 24, an additional fee of $10 per day applies.

Valid Driver’s Licenses

  • Alamo accepts any valid driver’s license from any country, provided it is current.
  • There is no requirement for the license to have been held for a minimum period.

Credit and Debit Card Policy

  • A credit card in the driver’s name is required for the deposit.
  • Debit cards are not accepted for deposits.

Deposit Amounts

  • For foreign non-residents, the deposit is $500.
  • For locals without a rental history, the deposit can be $2,500 for vehicles like the RAV4 and above, requiring gold or platinum cards.
  • In all cases, the deposit is released upon return of the car, but processing time depends on the issuing bank, ranging from 3 business days to a week.

Fees and Taxes

  • Airport Fee: 13.75%, applicable for rentals through the widget.
  • Environmental Tax and License Plate Fee: These are similar to the airport fee and depend on how the reservation is made.

Mileage and Drop-Off Fees

  • All rentals come with unlimited mileage.
  • Drop-Off Fee: $50 if the car is picked up at one office and returned to another.

Additional Services

  • Extra Driver: Costs $10 per day per additional driver, who must meet the same requirements (valid license and passport).
  • Surf Racks: Available at $5.99 per day and must be requested in advance.

See HERE Alamo’s terms & conditions

Adobe: Booking & Details

Experience peace of mind with Adobe Rental Car’s Costa Rica rentals, all under two years old and meticulously maintained. Select from a diverse range of trusted brands and models to suit your needs. Plus, unlike other car rental companies, Adobe promises transparency with absolutely no hidden fees.

Adobe is a Costa Rican car rental company offering a range of benefits for our customers:

  • Extensive Network: With 15 offices across Costa Rica, Adobe ensures convenient access no matter where you’re traveling.
  • Modern Fleet: The fleet is young and updated every two years, providing you with reliable and comfortable vehicles.
  • Vehicle Options: Adobe’s fleet includes over 15 different types of vehicles, such as 8-passenger automatic minivans with ample luggage space, 4WD vehicles, and more.
  • Special Rates: Through our partnership, Adobe offers special rates based on the season, always lower than the rates on Adobe’s website. The discount ranges from 5% to 9% depending on the season, demand, or surplus inventory (promotions).
  • Comprehensive Insurance: Adobe is the only company that includes zero-deductible third-party damage coverage with its basic insurance (PLI).
  • Free Delivery: Adobe provides our customers with free delivery to locations near their offices. For deliveries in Jaco and Herradura, a minimum rental of 3 days is required.
  • Age Requirement: The minimum age to rent a car in Costa Rica is 23 years.
  • Payment Methods: Credit cards are preferred, but debit cards are also accepted for foreigners. A $1,000 deposit is required for any vehicle.
  • Monthly Rentals: For monthly rentals, Adobe charges only for 26 days, giving you, our customers, free days depending on the dates of the month.
  • Optional Extras: GPS is available for an additional $11 per day.
  • Additional Benefits: Enjoy free additional drivers (a $5 per day value) and baby/booster seats (a $3 per day value) at no extra charge.

Insurance Requirements:

Collision Damage Waiver-Theft Protection (CDW-TP): Also known as “Car Protection” at Adobe Rental Car, this insurance is mandatory. You can only decline it if you opt for a wider Protection Package or an Extended Protection option that includes CDW-TP, depending on the rental agency. Alternatively, you can decline CDW-TP/Car Protection if you already have coverage through a major credit card under your name (the driver’s name). Many credit cards offer this benefit through their card agreement. If you want to confirm if you have insurance coverage for CDW-TP in Costa Rica, please contact your credit card company. Otherwise, we advise purchasing this insurance as it is mandatory; if not, you will be charged for it at Adobe’s counter during check-in.

Third Party Liability (TPL): Also known as “Liability Protection” at Adobe Rental Car, the purchase of TPL is required by all rental car locations on all vehicles in Costa Rica. You can only decline it if you choose a more comprehensive Protection Package or an Extended Protection option that includes TPL.

See HERE Adobe’s Terms & Conditions

Exploring Car Rental Options: Direct vs. Widget Booking

Direct Via Email:

If you need a personalized car rental reservation, please email us at and provide detailed information such as pick-up and drop-off times, locations and dates, the name of the driver, type of car, and any additional requests such as a surf rack, baby seat, additional driver, GPS, onboard internet, or any other necessities.

Booking directly through our email is personalized and may take anywhere from 2 days to a week. If you need to book faster, please do so through our website by selecting one of our two recommended car rental agencies here.

Via Our Website Widget

Simply click on one of the rental car agencies, Adobe or Alamo, and request your car based on your needs and preferences. You will be redirected to a window/widget where you can select the dates, type of car, and other relevant information to complete your booking. This ensures precise pricing with no hidden charges. This option is faster and self-guided.