Experience Costa Rican Culture and Wildlife at Diamante Eco Adventure Park

Enjoy Costa Rican culture and wildlife with Diamante Eco Adventure Park’s Cultural Experience Tour. This unique journey combines a visit to a traditional farmhouse, a lush botanical garden, and an animal sanctuary, offering an immersive and educational experience for all ages.

Immerse yourself in Costa Rica’s vibrant culture and stunning wildlife with Diamante Eco Adventure Park’s Cultural Experience Tour. This 2-hour journey is perfect for those curious about Costa Rica’s culture and wildlife, offering a blend of history, ecology, and adventure all in one place. Avoid difficult hikes or long journeys to other areas of the country by experiencing a comprehensive sample of what Costa Rica’s culture and wildlife have to offer.

Overview of the Cultural Experience Tour

  • The Costa Rica Cultural Experience Tour at Diamante Eco Adventure Park offers an immersive look at the country’s rich heritage and natural beauty. This tour includes a Discovery Pass, providing access to the park’s renowned Animal Sanctuary and Botanical Garden.

Animal Sanctuary and Wildlife Education Center

  • Diamante’s Animal Sanctuary is home to a variety of Costa Rican animals that need care. The sanctuary is known for its world-class habitat designs that cater to the specific needs of each species. Visitors can learn about the biology, ecology, and natural history of animals such as sloths, monkeys, jaguars, pumas, toucans, and many more.

Botanical Garden and Traditional House Tour

  • Explore the Botanical Garden, filled with medicinal plants, fruit trees, and flowering plants. The Traditional Costa Rican farmhouse, or “Casita,” offers a hands-on experience with historical farming practices and cultural insights.

Cacao Experience

  • Discover the origins and history of cacao. Learn about the process of drying and grinding cacao seeds to make chocolate, and participate in this traditional activity.

Coffee Experience

  • Costa Rica is renowned for its coffee. Learn about the social, economic, and political significance of coffee production in Costa Rica. See vibrant, organic coffee plants and understand the entire coffee-making process, including the traditional use of a chorreador (filter coffee brewer).

Sugarcane Experience

  • Walk through the Botanical Garden to encounter the organic sugarcane crop. Learn about sugarcane agriculture and use a traditional sugarcane press to make “Agua Dulce,” a delicious sweet water drink.

Book this tour for an unforgettable adventure at Diamante Eco Adventure Park, where you’ll delve into the heart of Costa Rican culture and wildlife. From the lush botanical gardens and historic farmhouse to the world-class animal sanctuary, every moment promises education, excitement, and breathtaking beauty. Don’t miss this chance to explore Costa Rica’s natural and cultural treasures.

Costa Rica’s Culture and Wildlife

Discover Costa Rica’s fascinating culture and its wildlife all in one place

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